Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Well, it was different. There are lots of things I can see myself using a lot, and some things I never see myself using. But I have to say that my favorite thing was #23 - finishing. It did hang over me at times.
All in all I am glad that I participated and I would be willing to do so again, because it was definitely a learning experience.


Wow - I never had the opportunity to really explore all of this, or I should say I never took the time to explore all of this. There is a lot more available that I ever realized. I can see myself using this quite a bit, personally and in working with patrons. Thanks.


Okay, I played around with all of the different podcasts. I added a podcast about children's books to my Bloglines. I really don't see myself ever using this, but I feel pretty comfortable about working with a patron with Podcasts.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This was fun - but there is so much it is overwhelming.
I chose Pinky the Cat - it was the first You Tube I ever saw, but it is still a favorite with me.


I looked at a lot of the sites, but the two I played around with the most were Cocktail Builder from Fun Stuff, and Kayak from Travel. They were things I could see using. I had heard of Kayak but I had never visited the site, but I had never heard of Cocktail Builder.


I really like these sites. Since I work another job, it makes sense to use these, so that I can access what I need from any different computer. I am real impressed. I didn't know this type of site existed.


Okay - it took me awhile but I did it. I don't mind telling you that I'm too old for all this stuff. I always feel like I'm going to panic whenever I start doing some of these 23 things. But it is a sense a accomplishmnet when I figure it out and do it.